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Hacker Deterrant Pro Not as good as the Origional


Hacker Deterrent Pro is no where near as good as the original. In pro you can't turn off barely anything any more, With the original I was able to turn off a lot of google and Microsoft and the rest of them including spy net.

Pro has lost its touch and its way because there is no more control over it anymore. you can only turn off about %10 of what you could before so how is this safer and better. Almost makes you think that Terra Privacy has sold out to big brother, its almost the same as windows 10 saying its the most secure, but you only get access to %10 of the security features that there was on windows 7.

I would like to see the availability to be able to turn off the most intimate details off of any site, server, etc like it was before. Look at all the idle connections that google has, with original hacker deterrent you could turn it all off and use only what is needed, but now there is no option but to remove all of google..[

This program used to be so good, but now I am seriously thinking about getting my money back.

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This program is no where near as interactive as it used to be, to much dumbing down. the older versions you didn't need a browser plugin, cause plugins to any browser no matter what the plugin is its insecure. Please Terra Privacy do an immediate upgrade to Version 1.1 where full control is granted again.or some option to turn on that ability so that stupid people don't get confused.    

I am an elite user of Hacker detterent, and with pro it makes you feel like you can't do anything.


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